Welcome To Team Asylum!

Established circa 2021 between Arizona and Massachusetts, we have over 50 members and counting, and have since expanded to the New England territory. Let us tell you about how we made it possible!

We are a fun, laid back group of people who love to toss bags and celebrate the good times, both on and off the boards. What sets us apart from other groups is our devotion to team chemistry. Rather than just scouting for that guy with the highest PPR, or that airmailer that never misses, we look for people from all parts who gel with the existing members of the team, and who have personality and character that stand the tests of time. THEN COMES THE FUN PART! We develop as better cornhole players within our own organization through constant encouragement, practice, tournament play, but most importantly, being good people. We find that positivity is the key driver to success, and when you have a foundation that is already strong, the results are even better!

If you are interested in joining our team, your focus should be on developing relationships first and foremost, and maintaining a great attitude. You may then find yourself positioned to receive that oh-so-sweet invitation to one of the best teams in the nation! With that said…..

….Have fun and DON’T BE TRASH!